Festa Frawli

The parish square in the agricultural village of Mgarr, will once again host 'Festa Frawli' - the an-nual Strawberry Fair - Sunday 14th April. Now in its 7th edition, this event is now a much awaited fixture in the Maltese calendar. Ta’ Soldi Restaurant is open for Lunch and Dinner every year on Festa Frawli Sunday.
This festival marks the beginning of the Maltese summer, is generally blessed with gorgeous spring weather– and just the right delicious strawberry themed delicacies to complement the per-fect family day out. A constant supply of freshly picked strawberries will be on sale throughout the day. A wide variety of desserts , homemade strawberry jam, strawberry wine, snacks and bev-erages will also be available.

One of the highlights of this festival is the unveiling of the enormous Strawberry Gateaux, which was brainchild of Ta’ Soldi Head Chef David Micallef. The cutting of the cake, usually by a spe-cial guest to the festival, and then sold off, piece by piece to eager festival go-ers. The Enormous Strawberry Gateaux, was first created in 2008, solely by the Ta’ Soldi Restaurant Dolceria. The first year the measurements of the cake were 2.5 m X 1.5 m. From 2008, every year the Festa Frawli has included a gigantic cake, every year of different but definitely huge proportions, and every year Ta’ Soldi is involved in its creation.

In addition to the strawberry gastronomy, there are also many musical and ethnic activities planned throughout the day, including pony rides for the children. Folk music will be performed by leading Maltese artists, and folk dancing make or a unique celebration of Maltese agricultural heritage.

Event Location

The Festa Frawli (Strawberry Feast) is held at Mgarr Square.