Maltese Ftira: Exclusive from Ta' Soldi Our secret pastry filled in six delicious flavours, then oven baked
Summien Moqli Quails marinated in a secret blend of herbs and spices
Bruxxketta Homemade bread, uniquely topped with Imgarr sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese, then, lightly grilled
Bebbux Snails cooked with herbs and spices, served with arjoli.
Mixed Fish Galore
For Meat lovers Try our Triple Decker Steak 600gr
Maltese Ftajjar

One of our most popular dishes;  crispy &  delicious,  Maltese ftira the way it was meant to be!

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Indulge yourself, taste one of our homemade cakes; decadent & delicious!  Also available takeaway

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Our Wine

A premier wine selection offering top quality local & foreign wines, for all budgets & to suit all palates.  If you like it.. We’ve got it ..

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We would like you to take a moment to visit our new restaurant website. You will be able to find information about all of the menu we offer. In addition, you can also read the latest restaurant news and find out about other issues related to the restaurant industry. Our goal is to ensure you remain informed with any new menu additions, special offers and events.
Open Bar at Ta' Soldi
Enjoy a great meal with friends, with your own private fully stocked bar at Ta’ Soldi Restaurant. It’s the perfect option for Birthdays, Hens or Bachelor Parties & for Staff Parties. You and your friends can help yourselves to your own private bar, fully loaded with brand spirits, Ta’ Soldi homemade wine & Cisk beers. Read More ››


Festa Frawli

Ta' Soldi participate in Festa Frawli (Strawberry Feast) to provide the enormous cake purposely made for the occasion.

The popular one day event is celebrated annualy during April. It is the brainchild of the Mgarr Local Council, which has set out to celebrate the cultivation and produce of strawberries.


Ta' Soldi Restaurant took part in Tree 4U Campaign to commemorate the planting of an aleppo pine tree at Salini National Park.